RAP MS Teams Sessions CT1

RAP MS Teams Sessions CT1 2020-09-25T10:41:56+01:00

On this page you will find all the teaching material for the remote sessions we are running to replace the face to face teaching:

Please click on the below link to access the all recordings for the CT1 remote days, you will be taken to a sharepoint site where the teaching can be viewed.


We also added the PDFs of the power point presentations for each of the remote sessions from September – December 2020 for your reference below, the feedback link can also be found below :

CT1 MRCPsych Teaching Induction (10.09.2020)

MRCPsych Introduction PDF

MRCPsych Exams & Preparation PDF

Ethics & Philosophy PDF

The feedback form for this session can be found here:


CT1 MRCPsych Human Development (24.09.2020)

Normal Child Development – Dr Neelo Aslam

Brain Development – Dr Kishan Sharma

Feedback form for 24.09.2020 can be found here: