Every single day of my work is filled with pleasure of supporting later life adults, in my role as a higher trainee in old age psychiatry. I started my higher training as a full-time trainee. I then worked as a less-than-full-time trainee and I also had to take some time out of training for personal reasons, before coming back to training again full time. I am currently enjoying acting up in a consultant post. At each and every stage of my training, I have been very well supported by my educational supervisors and by my training programme director.

Dr Faria Zafar, ST6, Old Age Psychiatry

We have 30 training posts in Old Age Psychiatry across our region’s 6 mental health NHS Trusts. Each of these training posts is 3 years long.

Please find further details of these training posts here: OA Training Posts

There are also several dual training posts in the region. The dual trainees complete two years of higher training in Old Age Psychiatry and the other two years in  General Adult Psychiatry.

The Training Programme Directors supporting Old Age specialty trainees are Dr Anna Richman (anna.richman@merseycare.nhs.uk) and Dr Jay Palle (jay.palle@nhs.net).


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