These webpages contain the resources for the NW School of Psychiatry’s Training the Trainers programme.

This programme is a 1-day workshop, primarily designed for new supervisors, although experienced trainers are welcome to attend as a refresher.

The 1-day course will cover the following topics:

  • roles and responsibilities of being a supervisor
  • preparing trainees for the ACRP
  • using the trainee e-Portfolio
  • writing a supervisors’ report
  • developing a reflective practitioner
  • managing doctors in difficulty.

On the right-hand side of this page, there is a Tutor Portal’ for course organisers to access the materials for the programme and a ‘Delegate Portal’ which contains PDF copies of the workshop presentations.

For further information about this programme, and for guidance regarding trainer approval, please refer to the programme handbook: TTT Handbook 2018

Event Dates and Flyers:

The Training the Trainers programme is running events in 3 areas: Lancs/Pennine, Mersey/CWP/NWBH and GMMH. There are places available in each event for those working outside those areas too, so you have access to a course that will fit in with everyone’s calendar.

Upcoming ‘Training the Trainers’ dates:

The upcoming dates are to be confirmed.